Explore the lakeside manor to find your missing friend Ashley!

Made for Blackthornprod Game Jam with theme "Less is More".

This game is an experimental 1-D riff on Fatal Frame.  I decided for the "Less is More" theme to approach it with the idea of "fewer spatial dimensions means you have to use your imagination more". Normally, this concept applies with 2D games, but I thought it might be fun to take things one step further. Unfortunately, I only had the weekend to do any work on this and I found quickly that there was more potential here than I had time to deliver on in that time. Consider this a proof of concept. Leave a comment if you'd like to see this expanded it. Maybe I'll revisit it sometime after my current side-project, although I'll probably try to riff on Faith by Airdorf instead if I try the whole 1-D horror thing again.




-Move: Left/Right Arrow Keys or A/D Keys

-Use Camera: Z or Space

-Open Doors: Z or Space




The menu icons from left to right:

-Turn off lighting

-Reduce height of game line

-Stretch height of game line




-Ghosts will take more damage and knockback if they are closer to you

-A dialog will play once all ghosts are cleared in a room

-Locked doors can be opened if you find corresponding keys

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags1d, Experimental, GameMaker, Horror, Retro, Short


GhostFrame1D_WIN.zip 2 MB


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I like the idea of it being 1D but it was a bit confusing or maybe i just missed something entirely.  A good game though, it just takes a bit of working out for you to understand the game. I liked the sounds, those were great

Really nice, never heard of a 1D game before :D

First I thought it was a radio dial and I had to find a frequency, then I figured things out. I also couldn't find any objective, I believe I've visited all rooms, the ghosts just respawned. Is there a goal and an end? Maybe I just missed a door.


There is an end. One room will trigger a little dialog then bring you to credits and then back to menu. There's a key to it in the room with the swinging lamp.

Oh, I see. I really like the idea of 1D, it's just really difficult to make sense of what is going on :)

fun idea! but i didnt know where to go :/


Turning lighting off can make it a bit clearer where doors and keys are. I had some trouble figuring out how to make those clear while both sticking to 1-D and my palette.